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The library is the central focus of every educational institution. It is the basic and central bibliographical organ of support to the academic programmes of the institutions. It serves as a support not only to teaching but also to research end development activities. Consequently, The College of Technology plans to construct a purpose built, user friendly library shortly, the model and drawings are already done. In the meantime, the institution library is located in the first floor of the main school building.
About 10% of the recurrent revenue of the institution devoted to the library this is to ensure that every current books and journal tittles are available to satisfy major research interest of staff and provide suitable reading materials for students’

The proposed main library is designed to incorporate an electronic library. When completed and fully developed, it would have a capacity for about two hundred thousand of books in various subjects and about 300 periodic titles. The electronic library section will have a reference collection of CD-ROMs for easy access to the current library information and audio-visuals as well as internet facilities to provide access to the libraries in other institutions. The reading room of the proposed new library is a topmost priority project of The College Technology. Some of the key facilities such as internet facility proposed for new library shall also be provided in the temporary.


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